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The Flex-Hone for rotors imparts the ideal surface finish on new and turned rotors to insure instant brake pad seating and eliminate noise. This unique tool utilizes proprietary Flex-Hone® technology to create a non-directional or basket weave finish while removing torn and folded material produced by turning or truing. Friction induced brake noise is the number one reason for customer dissatisfaction and returns when purchasing new brakes. By removing the jagged peaks from the turned brake surface, the tool produces a plateau finish with much higher bearing area which translates to quieter brakes. The Flex-Hone for Rotors can also be used on flywheels for improved friction performance. The finish produced by the Flex-Hone for Rotors is far more consistent and repeatable compared to sandpaper or discuss

flexhone for rotors

• More rotors per hone
• Produces a non-directional finish
• Lowers harmonic vibrations eliminating brake noise