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Flex-Hones are ideal for improving the function and extending the life of your firearms.

Metal surfaces of your firearm contain microscopic “peaks” and “valleys”. The formation of corrosion is hastened by residual stresses present at the surface. The plateau finish produced by the Flex-Hone refines the peaks and reduces surface tension by removing highly stressed areas. The valleys produced by the Flex-Hone improve the surface’s ability to hold oil. Many firearms companies are choosing the Flex-Hone for their final finish requirements.



Always make sure that the magazine and chamber are empty prior to using the Flex-Hone Tool. Disassemble your firearm and secure the Flex-Hone firmly into the chuck of a lathe, drill press or hand drill. It is best to use the shortest shank possible for your application. The Flex-Hone Tool must always be used with a good quality cutting oil or honing fluid to keep heat to a minimum, and prevent the tool from loading and to suspend the abrasive material. We offer a specially formulated Flex-Hone Oil for this tool. Although many lubricants are satisfactory including water soluble fluids, we highly recommended using Flex-Hone Oil for the finest finish and longest tool life possible.

Rotate the tool prior to entry and continue rotating until the tool is fully removed from the part. Stroke the tool at a smooth,constant speed. Clean the cylinder using a CLP type cleaner and brush the cylinder wall with a cleaning brush. Dry the
cylinder and continue to clean with a lint free cloth coated with a light oil or mineral spirits. Continue until the lint free cloth remains clean. Oil the surface lightly after cleaning to preserve your finish. Your weapon will not only be free of microscopic imperfections, but you will be able to see the difference with a beautiful finish.

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The Flex-Hone Tool can be used on any type or size of cylinder and is not limited to barrels and chambers. Flex-Honling the slide on automatic pistols and the magazine tubes of shotguns and rifles will provide the benefit of a smooth, long wearing surface.

There are certain values we all place in our firearms, security, Investment, tradition, education. The value can be enhanced and protected by proper care and the use of the Flex-Hone tool


Any smooth bore on your firearm can benefit from a quick Flex-Honing, including the barrel bore on your shotgun.By using the Flex-Hone tool you can quickly, safely and thoroughly clean out any damage that has occurred from oxldation and corrosion, blend out scratches and remove the nicks that cause plastic adhesion. The Flex-Hone will produce a smooth finish that will prevent plastic from building up as quickly in the future.The abrasive globules on flexible nylon flamentss remove the built up residue and leave a superior surface resulting in greater accuracy, reduced wear and longer life for your shotfun

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Emptying and reloading your firearm will be much smoother and easier after using the Flex-Hone in the cylinders and chamber.The improved finish will allow the rounds to “fail” from the cylinder with ease, and eject smoothly from your chamber. Reloads will enter quickly and smoothly with reduced brass scarring. A Flex-Honded bore will enable you to reload your brass more often and with less work


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